High-Converting Cart Software for High-Performing Solopreneurs

πŸ’° 0% fees.
πŸš€ Growth features.
⭐️ White-label sales pages.
πŸ“ˆ Grow your list, increase sales.

Built for High-Performing Solopreneurs

Monetize your audience, build your list, diversify your sales channels

1. No complicated funnels/setups just to sell something

Deploy a landing page in seconds, upload your products, and start collecting payments instantly: one-time payments, subscriptions, free products, pay what you want, etc.

2. Grow your email list scalably, no extra work

Capture the email of every customer and automatically add them to your lists/sequences. These emails are the most qualified, as they have already bought something from you.

3. Keep your existing workflow

If you already have an ESP and you're already using Zaps to automate your processes, Zylvie fits perfectly into your existing workflow. We integrate with Zapier and Pabbly Connect as well as a host of ESPs so you won't have to rip anything out/change anything.

4. Manage multiple distinct brands under one roof

No, you don't a separate Zylvie account (and separate subscription) for each business you own. You can manage multiple brands, each with different identities and inventories, using 1 account. Switch seamlessly between brands. Each brand runs independently.

5. Greater control over your money

Unlike these so-called MoR middlemen, we don't hold your money (we can't). Money flows directly from your customers to you. No pay out threshold, no "pay day" bullshit. You get your money instantly.

6. Keep your expenses low as you grow your profits

"A percentage of sales" sounds good until you start bringing in real money, then all of a sudden it feels extremely unjustified (because it is). With us, your profit margins grow as you grow your sales, since your COGS remains constant.

Growth features to maximize monetization

Convert your audience's loyalty and support into a sustainable income stream

πŸ–ΌοΈ Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

Design beautiful, high-converting sales landing pages using our versatile what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor. Embed videos, images, reviews, etc. and use custom HTML/CSS/JS to create your desired sales letter.

⭐️ White label your store

Use a custom domain, logos, colors, personalized emails, etc. for your store to ensure a consistent brand experience

πŸ”‚ Sell and manage subscriptions easily

Build MRR/recurring income by selling memberships, coaching, SaaS, and other subscription products. Choose the interval you want to bill, and optionally include a free trial period to bump up conversions. You can also allow your customers to finance a high-ticket purchase over several months with this feature.

🧲 Build your email list using lead magnets

Create a landing page to disseminate your free product to collect qualified leads and grow your mailing list. We also integrate with ConvertKit, AWeber, and GetResponse to synchronize your subscribers automatically.

πŸ›’ Strategical deploy one-click upsells to boost your AOV

Seamlessly integrate one-click upsells of complementary/related products to boost your AOV. Advanced features include a discount and a timer to increase buying urgency and conversions. Choose from different upsell flows: pop-up, separate page, onpage div, etc.

πŸ‘₯️ Use workflow automations for seamless and effortless post-purchase fulfillment

Create workflow automations using webhooks or workflow software like Zapier and Pabbly Connect, so you can create automated actions in real-time whenever certain events happen in your storefront (e.g. a purchase went through, a new lead is generated, a subscription is cancelled, etc.).

πŸ‘₯️ Onboard affiliates to sell on your behalf

Scale your marketing profitably with our in-built affiliate system. Add unlimited affiliates and customize individual commission percentages. All referrals are automatically tracked and payouts handled on-platform.

⏰ Leverage urgency marketing

5-10x short-term sales by strategically running flash sales/time-limited discounts on your high-demand products. You can set your countdown to be fixed (same end date/time for everyone) or dynamic (different end date/time for different users).

🏷️ Issue as many promo codes as you want

Personalize your discount for your loyal audience to increase conversions (e.g. for parity pricing)

🀝 Create partnerships/joint ventures

Partner with other sellers for a product bundle/collaboration product. All sales will be split based on profit-sharing, each partner gets paid instantly and independently, while all partners have info parity/equal access to sales analytics.

🧾 Automatically collect VAT/GST/sales tax

Select the jurisdictions in which you want to collect VAT/GST/sales tax. We automatically calculate and charge due taxes based on your buyer's billing location. Export all tax transactions as CSV for easy remittance.

πŸ”‘ Generate unique license keys

Sell your software products without manually issuing license keys -- let us handle it all. Verify license keys, redeem and invalidate keys as you need via API.

πŸ“ˆ Gain actionable business insights

Track your traffic, leads, and sales over time and discover your best-converting products AND channels

πŸ˜€ Boost customer satisfaction & retention

Issue refunds (partial or whole), communicate with your customers, resend download links, etc. within an intuitive customer portal

We Integrate with Your Favorite Software

Seamlessly integrate Zylvie into your existing workflow, set it and forget it

What Our Real, Happy Customers Say

They put it in words more succinctly, descriptively, and credibly than we ever can.

Sashanna Mighty

Creations by Mighty

Zylvie is one of the best platforms out there for selling digital products (I've tried a few). Jay, the owner is a superstar! Emails are answered almost immediately. The platform is growing so quickly. Zylvie lets you build unique sales pages that resonate with your brand and audience, and it also makes collecting email addresses straightforward. You don't have to be a tech wiz to use this platform.

Evan Kelly

Newsletter Alchemy

Love Zylvie! It's like ThriveCart, but at a fraction of the price. It has already paid for itself since activating my plan a few days ago. Top-notch customer support and fast execution on the roadmap. It makes Gumroad look like a blood-soaked band-aid. Five stars.

Ted Johler

Affordable College 101, LLC

I was originally looking to use ThriveCart, but then I ran across Zylvie. It was super-easy to set up and had all the features I was looking for. Plus, the price was right. The UI is smooth, and the conversion tracking is insightful. You can also set up the cart on multiple websites, which I plan to do. I can't wait to see what features will be coming out next.

How's Zylvie better than competitors?

This is our promise to you.

  1. 0% (us) vs. 10-15% commission (them). Don't be fooled by the cheap-sounding "5% + $0.50" fees that many platforms try to sell you -- that's the absolute floor, not ceiling. If your product is $10, "5% + $0.50" is 10% in commissions. Others straight up charge 10%. And tons of hidden fees, e.g. +1.5% for international transactions, +1.5% for PayPal transactions, +0.5% for subscriptions, +2.5% + $2.50 for payouts to non-US banks, the list goes on. 10-15% is the average you pay with these so-called Merchants of Record.

    Fancy paying $15,000 just in fees for every $100k in revenue? We neither.

    With us, it's 0% commissions all the way. Just Stripe fees, of which we take $0. We don't feel entitled to your profits, because they're yours, you've worked hard for it, but also because processing $1 or $1,000 takes the same amount of effort for us. You can process $1 or $100,000 with us, we don't take a cut. That's a huge difference in margin, especially if you do high volumes.

    Keep your expenditure predictable and fixed. No nasty surprises just because you did well.

    And keep a cap on your cost of doing business. Your profits are your profits, not ours.

  2. We listen to and act on feedback quickly. Our competitors are mature products complacently coasting on brand recognition. They have little incentive to improve. You can suggest them stuff a thousand times, they won't bother to do anything. They're overfed fat cats, they don't care.

    With us, you can talk to the founder directly, and, if it's simple, we'll roll out the feature in 24 hours. That's because we're hungry, we move fast, and we release new features at breakneck pace. Just look at how quickly we deliver complex features on our roadmap.