Zylvie - Sell Digital Products with Zero Fees (Cyber Monday Lifetime Deal) 🔥

Always have a zero-commission place to sell your digital products... for life!

🚨🚨🚨 DEAL ENDED! Thank you to all who purchased. 🚨🚨🚨

Looking for a way to sell your digital products without paying monthly fees or giving some rent-seeking platform a commission for every sale you make?

Zylvie is a turnkey platform built specifically for small creators to sell digital products and monetize their audiences without having to worry about skyrocketing sales costs or logistical headaches such as product delivery.

Think of it as Shopify for digital products.

With Zylvie, you can:

  • Have lifetime access to a sales platform with 0% commission for all of your digital products, e.g. courses, ebooks, artwork, templates, plug-ins, videos, etc.
  • Have lifetime access to a reliable, tried-and-tested platform to sell all your digital products
  • Monetize your audience super-easily by deploying a landing page within seconds and start collecting payments instantly
  • Grow your email list scalably by distributing lead magnets and collecting email addresses of your buyers for each successful sale
  • Issue unique license keys for your software products
  • Partner with other creators to sell a collaboration product/bundle and have profit-sharing happen automatically, while all partners have info parity and equal access to sales analytics 🔥
  • and more.

Is this deal for me?

This deal is for you if you:

  1. Want to make money online, whether as a side hustle or as a main job;
  2. Want to work remotely/from anywhere eventually, running your own business;
  3. Already have an audience on social media and want to monetize it to the fullest; or
  4. Already sell digital products and are sick of paying through the nose for commission dues.

Because whether you're in the discovery phase (e.g. you're still thinking of starting a business, you're evaluating multiple business ideas, you're unsure what path you're going to take yet, you're just testing things out)...

...or you already have an online presence/up-and-running business...

You'll come to the inescapable conclusion that, to truly make a sustainable growing online income, you'll have to sell your own digital products.

Digital (not physical), because it costs you nothing to duplicate and deliver. Products (not services), because you can never run out of digital products to sell (you can copy an ebook a billion times), but you can certainly run out of hours to sell.

It always leads to selling your own digital products if you want to scale your online income -- all roads lead to Rome.

And that's where we come in.

If you buy this lifetime deal, you'll always own a lifetime account to Zylvie with zero commissions for life .

You sell anywhere else, either be prepared to pay hefty monthly fees month after month after month, and/or fork over outrageous commissions per sale (upwards of 13% on that popular platform that shall not be named -- how would you like to net only $86 for every $100 your customer pays you?).

If you go with us, you'll always own a storefront that's fully paid off, no monthly dues, no stress, no urgency, no rent-seeking "commission" BS either. You can move at your own pace and grow at your own pleasure, at zero ongoing cost.

You'll be investing in a learning tool that will always be there for you to sell online with, cost-free.

(And not just any tool, we're talking about a platform that's growing quickly, that's not resting on its laurels whatsoever.

We're new and hungry and definitely not coasting on our brand recognition like the major platforms, so we're always developing and releasing new power features based on user feedback.)

So costs aside, what can Zylvie do for me?

Now behold. Here are a glimpse of some power features for you to move your products and increase your revenue:

1. Build a beautiful, high-converting sales landing page using our WYSIWYG editor

  • Design beautiful, high-converting sales landing pages for your products
  • Our versatile what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor is stupidly easy to use
  • Add links, images, and videos as you wish to add screenshots, reviews, social proof, etc.

2. List as many products as you wish and manage multiple brands under one roof

  • You can list multiple products (as many as you wish) on your storefront.
  • You can upload unlimited files per product listing.
  • List/unlist your products anytime as you wish.
  • You can also manage multiple brands under 1 account (unlimited accounts hack)

3. Run a flash sale to boost short-term sales

  • Run a flash sale during critical sales seasons, e.g. summer, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas.
  • Countdown timer increases buying urgency and impulse purchase behavior, thus leading to a boost in short-term sales.
  • Reward your loyal audience with special deals from time to time
  • Jumpstart sales on new/unproven product offerings by increasing scarcity.

4. Issue personalized promo codes to reward your loyal customers

  • Personalize your discount for your loyal audience to increase conversions
  • Set usage limits, validity periods, and set promo code to apply storewide or only on select products
  • Revoke any promo code at any time by the flick of a switch

5. Build your email list using lead magnets

  • Create a landing page to disseminate your free product
  • Collect qualified leads and grow your mailing list

6. Track your performance in a live sales analytics dashboard

  • Track all sales and transactions in real time.
  • Compare sales performances across different time periods.
  • Generate sales reports based on specific products to compare profitability of different products.

7. Keep customer satisfaction high with an integrated customer management portal